Attorney Gushue's years of experience in both property law and civil/environmental engineering includes all types of claims and cases involving property ownership, selling, leasing, maintaining and using.  Gushue Law's expertise extends from simple matters of title, deed, or easement review and preparation, to complex matters involving sale, loan and financing documents, restrictive covenants, conservation restrictions and easements, property lines, adverse possession and prescriptive easement claims, right-of-way access easements, beach and waterfront access rights, agricultural uses and exemptions, wetlands and waterways (docks) licensing, solar-access and view- and vista-related rights and easements, common-scheme developments, common-area maintenance costs and fee assessments, nuisance,  trespass, and negligence claims, civil rights claims, personal injury and property damage claims and insurance, homeowners' association obligations and liabilities, zoning matters such as prior non-conforming uses, grandfathering, accessory uses, and zoning enforcement and permit denial appeals, eminent domain claims, construction claims, consumer protection claims, seller and broker fraud and failure-to-disclose claims, as well as many others. 


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